Games Spotlight: Money Game

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Name: Money Game
Debut: December 25th, 1972

Money Game is a pricing game that is almost exclusively played for a car (as well as a default nominal cash prize). There are nine different 2-digit numbers shown on a large board. The contestant is provided with the 3rd (middle) number in the price of the vehicle. The contestant must then select the first two numbers and the last two numbers in the price from the nine cards. Each card covers either a dollar sign or the image of half of a car. If the contestant reveals either half of the silhouetted car, they begin to search for the other half. If a dollar sign is revealed, that many dollars are won to keep and the number is placed in one of four slots on the left. If they reveal all four dollar signs before finding the the correct price of the car, they win only the money they earned in the cash column, and do not get any more chances to search for the digits in the car.

Fun Fact: Ever curious as to how the hosts of The Price is Right are always human calculators when it comes to adding up the running cash total in Money Game? During this game, the displays in Contestants’ Row are used to keep track of the total amount of money that has been accumulated.

Money Game

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