Games Spotlight: Dice Game

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Name: Dice Game
Debut: June 2nd, 1976

This game is played for a car. There are five digits in the price of the car; all are between 1-6, inclusive. The first digit is always lit up and therefore, given to the contestant. The contestant is then presented with four oversized dice, and must roll each one across a white line on a felt table. If the number rolled matches the second digit, the digit is revealed and shown on both screens (see image below); otherwise, the contestant must decide whether the actual digit is higher or lower than the roll which is then marked by an outline of lights. If the roll is a one or a six it is typically automatically marked higher or lower, respectively, since there are no digits that can be lower than one or higher than six per the game’s rules. The die is then placed in the slot with the rolled number facing outwards. The remaining dice are played in the same way for the three remaining digits.

After all the dice have been rolled, the host will ask for reveal of the numbers one by one (which results in the correct digit being lit up above or below each individual die). This is not necessarily done in order that the dice were rolled to maintain suspense for the digits that are most in question.

Fun Fact: Dice Game was originally played for cars with four-digit prices, and the first digit was not given. During the 1980s, when cars under $6,667 were still common, the game was occasionally played for cars with five digit prices. When such cars were offered, the game was known as “Deluxe Dice Game;” which appeared for the first time on April 22, 1983. In these cases, the word “Deluxe” was added to the top of the game board, and an extra (removable) display box was added to for the free digit. On January 8, 1988 the game offered its last four-digit car and the five-digit version of Dice Game became permanent.

Dice Game

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