Games Spotlight: That’s Too Much!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Name: That’s Too Much!
Debut: April 19th, 2001

That’s Too Much! is a pricing game that is traditionally played for a car. There is a row of 10 prizes, which are revealed to the contestant in order of increasing value one at a time. The contestant is asked to choose the first price in the row that is over the actual retail price of the car. When the contestant feels that the host has revealed the first price that is more than the actual retail price of the car, he/she says “That’s too much!” Then host asks if the contestant is correct and then the contestant is either buzzed meaning he/she is wrong it is revealed that he/she is correct. In both cases, following the win/lose sound effects, one of the beauties shows the actual retail price to the contestant, and the correct price (at which the contestant was supposed to stop at) is lit up among the ten prizes.

Fun Fact: The game is actually quite opposite to many pricing games on the show; instead of being closest to the actual retail price without going over, to win the game, the contestant is supposed to be closest to the actual retail price while going over.

That's Too Much!

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