Games Spotlight: Line em Up

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Name: Line em Up
Debut: March 10th, 1998

Line em Up is a pricing game played for a car plus three additional prizes; one worth between $10 and $98, and two worth between $300 and $1,000. The 1st and last numbers of the car are given in a yellow, vertical frame. The prices of the other 3 items are lined up vertically between the first and last numbers of the car. The contestant must slide these prices horizontally so that the digits in the price of the car line up in the frame. The first and third prizes always have three-digit prices, while the second has a two-digit price. If the contestant correctly lines up the prizes on the first try, he/she wins the car and all the prizes; if not, the number of correct digits in the car (out of 3) are displayed (but not the location of the correct/incorrect digits) and the contestant is allowed to adjust accordingly. If the price is still not correct the second time, the game ends.

Fun Fact: The game concept was developed by then associate producer (and future sole producer) Kathy Greco.

Line em Up

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