Games Spotlight: Five Price Tags

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Name: Five Price Tags
Debut: September 26th, 1972

Five Price Tags is played for a car and uses four small prizes. The contestant is presented with four prizes (one at a time) and must choose whether the given price of an item (such as a mop, board game, etc.) is true or false. If the contestant chooses correctly, they get one “choice” to be used later. If they are incorrect, they do not get a “choice” for that given prize and you move onto the next one. If the contestant fails to get any of the true/false prices correct, then the game is over. After the contestant has gone through the four small prizes, a board is wheeled out which contains five price tags, each of which has a value on them which could be the price of the car. The contestant gets to choose as many price tags as he/she won by correctly identifying the small prize prices, and they are pulled off the board one by one, revealing either a “NO” or a “WIN!”

The game ends when the contestant chooses the price of the car (resulting in a win) or exhausts all of their choices they have earned without revealing a “WIN!” behind a price tag (resulting in a loss).

Five Price Tags

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