Games Spotlight: Secret "X"

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Name: Secret “X”
Debut: September 14th, 1977

The set for this game is a large, yellow, square tic-tac-toe board. There is a “hidden X” in the middle, vertical row, and the contestant has a chance to use UP TO three X’s to make a tic-tac-toe with the middle squares. The game is won if the contestant can make three in a row using their X’s and the mystery X. The mystery X has to be used to win! Contestants are given a free X to place in any of the six squares not in the middle column and then are presented with the opportunity to win two more. Two small prizes are given; and each has two prices. The contestant must correctly guess which price is correct for each individual small prize; if the contestant is correct; they win an additional X to place on the board, if they are incorrect, the do not win the X for that prize. In the event the contestant gets NEITHER of the additional prizes correct (and therefore does not win any additional X’s) the game is over, since there is no way to make three in a row. As long as at least one X is one, the contestant places it on the board in a position where three in a row can be made, and the middle column spins around to reveal the location of the mystery X.

Game Strategy: Contestants are discouraged by either the host or the crowd if they attempt to place an X in the middle row, because this placement can only win with one possible secret X position (the center). Therefore, the placement of the three X’s that offers the best odds of winning are in one corner in one of the empty columns, and the two corners in the opposite column (three X’s can be made horizontally or diagonally).

Secret X

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