Card Game: Maria wins; Chevy HHR ($17,795)

Switch?: Erica wins with a “switch”; Sofa and Motorcycle

Shell Game: Deborah wins (Ball Under Shell #3); Outdoor Projector and Inflatable Screen

Showcase Showdown #1: Erica wins with 95 cents

Squeze Play: Cynthia wins (removed “2”); Trip to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil ($7646)

Ten Chances: Mark wins (8 Chances); Weather Flashlight ($80), Chest ($850), and Ford Focus ($15,630)

Hi Lo: Marrium wins; Spa

Showcase Showdown #2: Marrium wins with 95 cents

Showcase: Marrium wins; Dining Room Group, Fruit Baskets, and Grand Piano ($33,279 in prizes)

Immediately upon receiving his cordless microphone, Drew greeted the audience and was ready to see the first Item Up for Bids today. Maria decided to put her Card Game ace aside until she made her final decision, when she simply said “$400” in addition to her bid for the Chevrolet automobile. Erica, “the future Mrs. Carey”, as Drew joked, witnessed a successful exchange of prices in “Switch” without the accident our host feared. Deborah, who was mistakenly called “Marrium” by our host at the Shell Game counter, is the proud owner of an Outdoor Project and Inflatable Screen based on her reaction when the prizes were revealed. Unlike the first time, Drew corrected himself on camera when he called Deborah “Maria” at the beginning of Showcase Showdown #1. At first, Mark was unaware of the “0’s” importance in Ten Chances, but he used his later chances wisely and became the proud owner of the Ford automobile. He placed his arms on the car while facing the audience, including members chanting “Mark”. This sort of pride was enough for Drew to remind viewers again that more of the show is coming up next. Marrium made today’s show perfect, as Drew anticipated after the first half of the show. Drew identified the “Lo” row’s items by brand name. Today’s Showcase featured “E. L. T.: The Extra Large Terrestrial”, a Trailer, and a Grand Piano. We end today’s show with Marrium and her crew celebrating with her new Dining Room furniture.

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