The new season has begun taping!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

The 36th season season of The Price is Right began taping this past week! And lucky for us, a few members of the #1 TPiR message board, were on hand.

Some notes about the set and other miscellaneous things…

-Those who attended thought Drew did an adequate job. He is introduced as the “star” of the show, and only had a couple gaffes in his first few days of taping– not to be unexpected considering he’s brand new to the show.

-The doors have a new color scheme and logo. The words “The,” “is” and “Right” are in white, while “Price remains in yellow. They (and the dollar sign to the left of the logo) are enclosed by two half hexagons, one orange, and one red. A picture of the doors are here(spoiler perhaps, for those of you who want to wait to see it on TV!).

-Word is the colors of both Contestants’ Row and the curtains around the set have more of a pastel color scheme to them.

-Drew is using a wireless mic.

-The music has been remastered. It now has more of an orchestra component to it.

-Models are holdovers from last year.

-New colors for the other walls and turntables (a lot of blue and green)– floor is still white with the asterisks, however.

-The podiums for the Showcase have changed to a green/gold color scheme. And while both the set pieces for the Showcase podiums and Contestants’ Row have changed, the actual numerical displays have not.

-Barker’s Wall colors were lightened up to match the “pastels” and the nametag of the Race Game curtain has been changed from ‘Bob’ to ‘Drew.’

-The sound effects, losing horns, other buzzers, etc. are all the same.

If you want to read the full thread for other reaction to early tapings and audience participation, Drew’s work as host, and the new set tweaks, feel free to browse the thread.

Right now, the premiere of the 36th season looks to be in the middle of October somewhere. Less than two months away!

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