Cover Up: Mary lost (missed second “2”); Ford Escape ($20,652)

Race Game: Robert wins (1 second left); Desktop Computer, Stemware, Refrigerator, and Men’s Valet

Balance Game: Kristin lost ($271 + $5000 + $3000 bags); Grand Piano ($9271)

Showcase Showdown #1: Robert wins with 70 cents

That’s Too Much: Brenda lost; Ford Mustang ($21,295)

Check Out: Sheila lost ($2.12 difference); Trip to Charleston, South Carolina

1 Right Price: Nelly lost; Dining Room Table and Riding Lawn Mower ($1450)

Showcase Showdown #2: Sheila wins with 95 cents

Showcase: Robert wins ($39,568 in prizes) “Clerk” Showcase, Spa, Iron Bed, and Travel Trailer

Mary only had the first “2” correct in her first play of Cover Up. She rebounds by having the next three digits correct, but the end came when she found out that the last number was also “2”. Robert, a warrant officer in the Army used his 44 seconds wisely in the Race Game. Kristin missed the price of the Grand Piano by only $1000 in Balance Game today. After shouting, “That’s too much!” in a way that Robert would say it, Brenda quietly says, “That’s it” to stop on her chosen price (though, too high) in That’s Too Much. Sheila tried to prove herself to “the perfect shopper” by pricing the items featured in Check Out today. Unfortunately, her price of $5.00 on some Udder Cream ended her chance of having a Charleston holiday. After two rounds of overbids on a couple of watches from above the stage, Nelly wins her way on stage since becoming one of today’s first four contestants. She could have bid $1 on the watches sooner. Today’s Showcases featured the “Port O’ Price”, a Jet Ski, and some advice from a clerk. We end today’s show with Robert and his crew, or cohorts celebrating in front of the new Travel Trailer.

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