Clearance Sale: Lisa lost; Gardening Equipment ($1500), Drum Set ($1000), and Dining Room Table ($2000)

Lucky 7: Kimberly wins (with $3 left); Pontiac Grand Prix ($23,475)

Flip Flop: Diane wins by “flopping”; Bed ($3547)

Showcase Showdown #1: Kimberly wins with 95 cents

Pass the Buck: Corina lost $1000; Dodge Caliber

Plinko: Benjamin wins $2000 with 4 Plinko chips

Magic #: Carl wins (Magic Number: $2199); Treadmill and Trip to Mazatlan, Mexico

Showcase Showdown #2: Carl wins with 80 cents

Showcase: Kimberly wins ($59,212 in prizes); “Shields” Showcase, Comic Books, Los Angeles Dodges Adult Baseball Camp, and Dodge Magnum

Lady Marine Lisa said she got advice on where to place the sales price tags from the entire Marine Corp., not just in the audience, but everywhere. Virginia resident Kimberly said she would accept any prize offered, but when Bob asked if she would like a blow dryer she had the idea that our host found something wrong with her hair. After Bob cleared things up, Kimberly said he had good hair too. After 18 years of watching the show, Diane finally arrived in today’s studio audience and to her surprise in Contestant’s Row. Corina found both of the “Lose Everything” signs on the Pass the Buck board. Benjamin, a student and left-handed baseball player from Menlo University got to play Plinko today. Bob added baseball analogies to the suspense of watching the Plinko chips fall. Carl was nearing the actual price of the Trip to Mazatlan, but decided to scale back by a few hundred dollars. Carl hugged Corina after beating her score in Showcase Showdown #2. Today’s Showcase featured an appearance by “The Price is Right Pirate Ship”, a Ski Boat, and a Dodge Magnum. We end today’s show with Kimberly celebrating inside and in front of her second new automobile.

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