Clock Game: Eleanor wins (4 seconds left); Outdoor Clock ($872) and Computer Desk ($948) (+$1000)

Step Up: John wins Cotton Candy Machine, SCUBA Equipment, Motorcycle, and $1500 (excluding the Food Server)

Let ‘Em Roll: Maureen wins $4000 in 1 Roll; Chevy Cobalt

Showcase Showdown #1: Maureen wins with 95 cents

2 For the Price of 1: Helen wins (chooses middle number); Decorative Bench ($625) and Trip to Juneau, Alaska

One Away: Thomas wins (one number right); Dodge Caravan ($20,439)

Double Prices: Theodore lost; 65-inch High Definition TV ($3998)

Showcase Showdown #2: Theodore wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Showcase: Theodore wins ($15,913 in prizes); Dining Room Group, Patio Set, and Hot Tub

Eleanor left no time to spare in her run of prices in the Clock Game. Bob was glad that it was all over once Eleanor said the Computer Desk’s correct price of $948. John and his mother Rosalinda were in the audience that day as part of her birthday celebration, and it just got better when John was called to come on down. Proudly representing the state of Florida was Maureen, who left the show $4000 richer in spite of the audience members telling her to roll the cubes again in Let ‘Em Roll. Theodore managed to pass Helen with the idea that he had the winning bid on a 3 in 1 Game Table. Thomas was the latest contestant to win One Away by having only the first number in the price of the automobile correct before changing the last four numbers. Bob built up some tension as he about to reveal the price of the Electric Guitar. Viewers such as myself figured that Theodore, after his last attempt of getting on stage, would legitimately walk on stage this time. Theodore got 50 cents in two spins of the Big Wheel. After Thomas failed to to tie $1.00, Theodore gave him the first of many friendly hugs to come. Today’s Showcase featured students who have misbehaved, a Chrysler 400, and a Patio Set. Theodore hugged Maureen after the actual retail price of her Showcase was revealed. We end today’s show with Theodore and his crew celebrating (with hugs and smiles) a victory that seemed unlikely for much of today’s show.

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