Reaction from around the blogosphere regarding the anointing of Drew Carey as the next host of The Price is Right:

Well, I cannot even begin to describe to you how happy this makes me. It’s a really, really odd thing to be happy about, but damnit, I love The Price is Right, and I love Drew Carey, and this has the potential to rock.


There is only one thing he MUST NOT do, and that is try to be Bob Barker. If he does that, he’s finished before he starts. He has to try to bring his own style; doing that won’t kill the show. It is and always has been centered around the contestants and games anyway, so if he lets them stand out, he should be fine. He may need a while to find a comfort zone, but he deserves a chance. Honestly, my saying this is the first sign to me that this show can succeed without Barker – as big a Barker guy as I am, I’m just as big on the show in general. More than anything, I’d like to see it succeed and continue on. As long as Carey is content being his own man, he can get the job done. Replacing a legend will be easier the less like the legend he tries to be.

Drew Carey is a fat, obnoxious slob who isn’t a tenth as funny as he thinks he is. Bob Barker brought a sense of dignity and class to a game show — no easy trick, and Carey doesn’t have the slightest clue what dignity and class even is. I’ve enjoyed The Price is Right since it started in the early 1970′s, but I guess I’m done now. This would just be too painful to watch.

Dave in Texas

He’ll do fine I suppose. He’s a fairly entertaining guy, and works well in front of a live audience. He’ll certainly be a lot funnier than Rosie, although I admit the bar isn’t set very high with that. His work on Whose Line is it Anyway was decent.

My personal stance? I’m not absolutely thrilled with the choice; being a diehard fan, I was looking for someone with a little more game show experience; someone who would let the show’s spotlight shine on the contestants and games rather than himself. Drew strikes me as an attention-grabbing decision. However, when I step back and look at the demographics, he probably isn’t a bad pick ratings-wise. He’s a name the average Joe has heard of. Unfortunately, Mark Steines and Todd Newton can’t say that. And from listening to some of his comments, both in print and the Late Show, he seems to get that he has to treat the show the same way it’s always been treated– not try to turn it into some stand-up comedy brunch-hour.

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