Thursday, May 24, 2007

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right
(In the West)

Squeeze Play: Patrick lost (removed “8”); Trip to Tahiti ($7876)

Plinko: Kathleen wins $1000 with 4 Plinko chips

Hole in One: Alana wins (Line 4); Pontiac Grand Prix

Showcase Showdown #1: Patrick wins with 95 cents

Race Game: Christopher wins (7 seconds left); Dual Tricycle, Dining Room Table, Aluminum Box, and 47-inch TV

Money Game: Jared wins $226; Dodge Caliber ($15,545)

Double Prices: Kati wins; Sauna ($4150)

Showcase Showdown #2: Kati wins with 85 cents

Showcase: Kati wins ($30,999 in prizes); “Dams” Showcase, Trip to Las Vegas, Nevada and New York, New York, and a Chevy HHR

Viewers in the Central and Eastern time zones could not see today’s show due to a special news report. Before today’s first four contestants were called to come on down, observant viewers noticed at least one seat without an audience member in the middle section of the studio. Patrick, the first of three contestants from Georgia, believed the price of the Trip to Tahiti would be at least $7576 after removing “8” from the series of numbers. After everyone in Contestant’s Row overbid twice on a Chandelier priced $599, Kathleen bid $550 to win her way on stage. Kathleen is so familiar with Plinko that she started dropping chips faster than Bob can describe her situation. Prior to today’s show, Alana of Indiana University was driving a 1978 Volvo. Folks close to Alana can expect to see her in a new Pontiac automobile, courtesy of The Price is Right, Bob’s successful inspiration putt (using his old putter), and our host’s reminder for Alana to stay calm when putting. In Showcase Showdown #1, Kathleen said she wanted 50 cents in her second wheel spin in order to beat Patrick’s first score of 85 cents. Bob told her she wants 60 cents in addition to her 40 to total $1.00. Alana managed to tie Patrick’s 85 cents, but he got a score 10 cents higher in his Spinoff spin. Christopher, a 21-year-old resident of Athens, Georgia, was lucky at the end of today’s Race Game, a game Bob found suitable for him the moment he won his way on stage. Christopher’s second pull of the lever revealed “1”, but that number was quickly changed to “4” (correct prices) just as he was about to change the price tags again. Besides this being his second trip to the show, we also found out from Christopher that his loyalty to the show goes back to the days when he would sit on his sitter’s lap. Today’s Showcase, with two contestants from Georgia, featured oddly named tourist attractions, different types of “dams”, and a Chevy HHR. After Bob took his time to read Patrick’s Showcase difference, Kati was still jumping from the moment the actual price of Patrick’s Showcase was revealed. We end today’s show with Kati and her crew in front of the Chevrolet automobile shortly after her great rush to get into the driver’s seat.

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