Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right

Check Game: Maria wins (Check for $2355); Trip to Alaska ($3447)

Master Key: Katie wins Pair of Recliners (Third Key); Books and Ford Focus

Grand Game: Karen wins $100 (Target Price $8.00)

Showcase Showdown #1: Karen wins with 80 cents

Make Your Move: Jason lost; Coffee Maker ($40), Candlesticks ($749), and Bed ($4407)

That’s Too Much: Tiffany lost; Dodge Caliber ($15,550)

Side By Side: Ryan wins (Right Side); Hot Tub ($4995)

Showcase Showdown #2: Ryan wins with 90 cents

Showcase: Ryan wins ($25,457 in prizes); Shaved Ice Machine, Living Room Group, and Trip to New Zealand

“Gloriosky, Zero!” said Bob “without thinking” about the comic strip Little Annie Rooney before today’s playing of the Check Game. Our host asked if any gray haired members of the audience remember the comic strip, which included the dog Zero. Maria, the new owner of gym equipment worth $2800, had a good idea of Check Game, but her game description did not come out in good clarity. Maria’s odd numbered amount of the check was enough to win an Alaskan holiday, which also had an odd numbered amount. Katie managed to win only key in Master Key after missing the Popcorn Maker’s price of $24, but she was lucky enough to choose a key other than the one that will open nothing. When Karen chose the box of Jelly Belly candy in Grand Game, audience reaction indicated that she made the wrong choice. After Jason made his first moves in Make Your Move, a small voice in the audience urged him to switch the Coffee Maker and Candlestick to their correct prices. When Jason followed Becky’s advice, audience reaction turned negative, causing him to change his mind unfortunately. Tiffany, who was the last one in Contestant’s Row to bid (one dollar) on gym equipment at the beginning of the show, won her way on stage to play for a Dodge automobile. She knew the game, but forgot to say “That’s too much” with authority in her game description. Ryan and his crew in yellow will be enjoying the new Hot Tub together, as Bob predicted. Today’s Showcase featured The Price is Right Train, a Shaved Ice Machine, and a New Zealand holiday package. Karen’s overbid ensured Ryan’s win in today’s Showcase. Following the Showcase of yesterday’s show, Bob mistakenly called Ryan “Brian” before he immediately corrected himself. We end today’s show with Ryan and his crew in yellow on stage.

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