Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right

Danger Price: Jose wins; Cordless Telephones, Dining Room Table, Golf Equipment (Danger Price $1440), and Luggage

Half Off: Kyle wins $10,000 (1 Half and Box #4)

Dice Game: Sabrina lost (rolled a “6”); Chevy Aveo ($15,265)

Showcase Showdown #1: Kyle wins with 75 cents

Squeeze Play: Jaclyn lost (removed “6”); Trip to Barbados ($5965)

Line ‘Em Up: Brian wins; Digital Frames, Golf Cart Clock, Cutlery, and Ford F-150 ($18,250)

Pick A Pair: Michael wins (Brown Rice and Bleach cost $1.99); Spa

Showcase Showdown #2: Jaclyn wins with 95 cents

Showcase: Jaclyn wins ($17,948 in prizes); Living Room Group, Collection of Novels, and Grand Piano

After his fellow contestants made their bids, including a $1000 bid by Brian, Jose’s bid of $999 on the Elliptical Trainer turned out to be a perfect one. Bob called it an “historic moment”, among many others in Price history. Bearing a blue shirt with a custom made picture of our host (with non-fur “hair”) was Kyle. “You look way better in person”, Kyle said to Bob. After Half Off was revealed, Kyle already chose the box that would turn out to be the one to contain $10,000. Box #4 received more close-ups than any box in the history of Half-Off, I believe. It’s also interesting to note that this was the first time Kyle saw Half Off on the show. Like this writer, Sabrina also loves the Dice Game. Jose’s first spin of the Big Wheel was enough to beat Sabrina, but Kyle “the wonder man of the hour” would shortly after tie Jose’s score of 70 cents and eventually beat him in the Spinoff with 75 cents. In his first play of Line ‘Em Up, Brian did not agree with members of the audience shouting “8” as the second digit in the price of the Ford truck, but after learning that he only two digits correct, he decided to follow the audience advice. He embraced the truck and kissed Bob’s cheek after the win. Michael is a student at Drury University in Illinois, where Bob will be participating in this year’s commencement. We learned during Showcase Showdown #2 that Michael is graduating this May, but has no idea what to do after that with more than one major. Bob suggested that Michael audition for his job, since “everybody else” is doing it. Today’s Showcase featured a Grand Piano, the “Barker’s Palace” hotel, a Woody Woodpecker cartoon short on a Plasma TV, and footage of African wildlife. We end today’s show in front of Jaclyn’s new Living Room Group.

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